Sunday 26 September 2010

"When the leaves fell and the furnace was on"

.......Wednesday was the last day of summer and we woke to mist turning into a beautiful sunny day in the mid 20's....we thought great the season of 'mist and mellow fruitfulness' is on it's way and maybe we're going to have an Indian summer.

H made a flying visit on Wednesday and we persuaded her to stay and drive her back on Thursday evening....the first day of Autumn and another good day. Until coming back the sky suddenly darkened and we drove through an amazing storm with hailstones raining down on us like little cannon balls......the sky was awesome.....good job I wasn't driving I couldn't keep my head out of it......but now it definitely seems like autumn the weather's much colder....still pretty cloudy blue skies though......and there was even a double rainbow.......

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