Wednesday 6 October 2010

Baghali Polow - Rice with broad beans, dill and garlic

Isn't this fish just so cool? It's special Persian fish from the Caspian Sea where the best caviar in the world comes from. I think it's a kind of sea trout. It's preserved in salt and apparently is traditionally cooked for Persian New Year. I like the little string handle.

A friend sent it for us. I'm afraid I didn't like it....I usually like everything but this was a bit too salty for me...probably we didn't make it the right way. But I loved the garlic, dill and broad bean rice that we made it was delicious. It's traditionally served with the fish. I had it with lots of spinach and garlic yoghurt and Salad Shirazi which is a bit like a kind of salsa.

To make Baghali Polow you will need some broad beans. Fresh, tinned or even frozen will do but you must peel them to take off the hard outer case. I love doing this it's a really relaxing job....but it is time consuming so not a speedy supper. As is the finely chopping of the dill. You can use dried if you can't get fresh. But fresh tastes so much better. Finally, you need a few cloves of crushed or chopped garlic and sea salt to season. Ooh and Basmati rice.

You will need to cook, one cup of rice per person as per the instructions on the page you can link to here, to the end of stage one and then simply add the chopped dill and garlic and the broad beans into the rice before putting it into the saucepan and cooking as per stage two. It's really easy to do.

Remember that the crunchy pan bottom is the treat....especially with the beans in it...

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