Tuesday, 12 October 2010

knit one purl one pick up three......

I popped into Abingdon yesterday and picked up three pairs of lovely seventies coloured vintage knitting needles still in the original packaging for 25 pence each! I couldn't wait to use the yellow ones to start making another cushion cover.........

....still no crochet hook.........must put it on my shopping list.......and watch crochet tutorial on 'to do' list


  1. Hi, I'm visiting your blog from Thrift Share Monday. Nice find with those knitting needles. I like your cushion cover, love that natural gas commercial and I'm intrigued by your recipe for bubble and squeak fishcakes.

  2. Hi Betty thanks for coming over and writing such nice comments. I was so lucky with the needles and the amazingly the fishcakes worked really well, they were yummy....

  3. Isn't it a nice thrill to find vintage items in perfect condition? Your needles are wonderful and such bright colors too. The green/gray color combo you choose for the cushion are lovely, I look forward to see how it turns out. :)

  4. Oh Hi Halima, thanks for coming over....I'm really enjoying reading your blog.

    Thanks for the comments about the cushion....I've just got the back to do now......