Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nice Blogs.

It's great joining memes because you discover some lovely new (to me) blogs. I found a lovely one by creative young mum Cindy, called Kiss the birdie which you can link to at

I just love this cushion that she found at Feed the Dog Don't you think it would go perfectly with our snug colour scheme? I do. Which helped me find a great website and Etsy shop at

Another blog that I've been following for ages but never mentioned before is Three Buttons which is where I discovered Ungtblod.

This vignettes of a friends house was taken by Angela from three buttons.........I'd love a grain sack cushion I've wanted one for ages and just love the colours in this one made from a flour bag.
You can check out Three buttons if you like at


  1. That's an inspiring story. She must be one gutsy lady. I am reading Doris Lessing's The Grass is Singing at the moment and amazing how, even in so called western culture, the burdens women carried and still carry.

  2. I've just wikipedia'd The Grass is sounds interesting I'll try and get it out of the library and have a read....thanks for the recommendation Katie.....