Saturday, 27 November 2010

How to Make a Paper Crane (Tsuru) - Origami

Maybe it's a good thing that a message flashed up on my dashboard saying 'CHECK ENGINE' when I was driving home last night, and the television wouldn't switch on when I got home. Because I would have gone to Light Night an amazing evening collection of events in Oxford, complete with street performances and lantern parade, open museums, theatres and Galleries until late. Fun pooteling around with camera. Scary exploration of the Pitt Rivers Museum by torch light...creepiness factor induced by the abundance of shrunken heads! Visited  the Ashmolean, MHS, Bodleian Library and artist's installations in the Town Hall, followed by nighttime shopping at the Art market and Festive Fare Market in Broad Street.

But the water level on the dashboard was at 'L' due to the temperature and a lack of anti-freeze in the engine, and 'A' had already potteled off to a previous appointment in London so I would probably have spent a fruitless, if enjoyable, evening watching mindless television. Instead I glued myself to the computer all evening had fun indulgently catching up on the blogs I haven't had time to read for a long time, discovered some new ones, watched the following tutorial and managed to make my first ever Origami Crane.

Here it is:

Don't laugh I know it's a bit of an ugly duckling but it's the beginning of my attempts to produce a festive Aladdin's cave dwelling, full of Origami delights, oriental lanterns, golden table settings, enveloped in a wonderful rosy glow befitting the upcoming festive season...all done on a shoe string...
...well that's the plan...

But I have to admit that although I've always had a hankering to learn how to practise the gentle art of Origami I wasn't the brains behind the Origami decoration idea. I had a more than gentle nudge by the images at the top of the posting , curtosy of creative mum Dee over at the lovely Books and Bits and Pieces blog why not go over and have a look and find lots more lovely images.


  1. The festival sounds lovely and I think your crane is perfect! Thanks for the tip, will visit Dee instead of doing all those boring jobs I've turned the computer on for...

  2. That festival sounds absolutely amazing especially to one so far away from all things English. Isabella and I have been doing a bit of origami of late but instead of cranes we've been making dresses and handbags(she was given an origami fashion book for her birthday)! Someone in her class seems to have been busy too as I saw an origami diorama depicting the life cycle of the dragonfly which featured lots of lovley waterlillies and pond life. There's no doubt about it though the crane is the classic (yours looks lovely!).

  3. It it an amazing festival and a shame it's just one night a year because it often clashes with other things.....I must pencil it in as soon as I get the dates for next year. Then hopefully I'll have some lovely images to share.

    I think you are both too kind about my Origami attempts.....I have a long way to go!

    The dragonfly diorama sounds amazing and I think dragonflies would be even more lovely to make than cranes.