Friday 19 November 2010

A Nod to Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers.

It's unusual for me to actually buy foods to make a specific recipe. I usually do things the other way round...see what I've got in the store cupboard or fridge and then make up...or look for a recipe to fit. But Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers series 2 actually induced me to go out and buy ingredients that I didn't have.

In the first program in the series New Tricks he adapted favourite recipes by giving them a new twist. I went out and bought some turkey mince just to make his squash and turkey bake and restocked the pine nut jar to make his handmade pesto. Which I served with a big bowl of spaghetti. I have to admit that it's the first time I've made pesto by hand and it was so easy to do. There was something very satisfying about pounding basil leaves and pine nuts with sea salt and garlic and the smell was amazing. I thought it would be really hard work and take ages...but it did't...

I'm now hooked on turkey mince and made these simple but really tasty turkey burgers last week inspired by Nigel's pork ones. So tasty I took a photo...hope I can remember how I made them.

I seem to remember keeping them very basic, not too many ingredients. I caramelised onions then added a few chopped fresh sage leaves (I'm already in Christmas kitchen mode) in a little olive oil. Put them to one side and cooked the turkey mince. Placed everything into a large bowl, seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, and added a beaten egg and a little flour. I then combined everything and formed into pates, not too thick to ensure they would cooked right through. I then lightly fried them in a little oil until nice and brown and crunchy on the outside but moist and tasty inside....mmm.....

I served them with seasonal green vegetables and watercress salad....lovely and peppery. I wanted a slightly sweet sauce for the turkey burgers. I had a tiny drop of Acacia Honey left in a jar and added a spoonful of grainy Dijon mustard and a little olive oil. It worked beautifully. Like a French dressing without any lemon juice or vinegar...I didn't want that acid kick....or anything strong like garlic or chilli.

This was a really successful recipe that I'll definitely make it again......probably for supper tonight......

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