Monday 22 November 2010

Knitting a woolly for the sofa?

Do you remember I posted this video a few weeks ago and said that I'd had a mad idea and that it might give you a clue as to what it is? Well I have a sofa that needs covering and I'd been knitting some cushion covers. They turned out all soft and comfy and cuddly...just right for the winter so I thought why not knit a cover for the sofa. Not a throw, but something like a big jumper to fit the sofa! So I started knitting.
Then I thought maybe it's a bit of a silly idea...That was until this post card came through the letterbox from my felt-making friend. She said she thought I might like this knitted chair and I do. It's by textile designer Deryn Relph who makes some amazing things. You can link to her website here and have a look if you like. They are lovely and quirky.
I'd best keep on knitting......


  1. I think that is the most brilliant idea ever! It will certainly take a lot of knitting but you seem to knit very quickly and as the cold weather really takes hold you can drap it over your lap as you go:)

  2. Thanks Caz. Fortunately it's only a small two seater sofa so hopefully won't take too long to make!