Tuesday 2 November 2010

Seduced By Packaging - Again....

I couldn't resist the packaging on this Clipper teabox....it's so happy.....

And after reading this here I have learned that not only does it have even more antioxidants than green tea, it's great for your immune system and reduces dental plaque....who knew it....even better..

..and I can't lose...there's a money back guarantee if I don't like the tea and if I do there's a 30 pence voucher inside the packet off the next one.


  1. Just gorgeous! How can one tea do so many things?

  2. I know......it's magical........!

  3. White tea is supposed to be super duper amazing for you. Like green tea but without the bitter taste.
    & I too am very guilty of being seduced by packaging! I bought this from F&M because of its amazing paisley tin:http://www.fortnumandmason.com/Client/fortnums/images/products/006081_L_.jpg

  4. Hi Romy....sorry I've only just seen this comment.

    I couldn't link to this but I just love F &M it's such an amazing shop I could spend hours just looking......