Wednesday 15 December 2010

Anyone For Tea?

Ginger tea to be precise. I have a theory about ginger...It's a bit like the Marmite 'love it' or 'hate it' theory...I think it's genetic. Me? I love it, can't get enough. So does my daughter, and I only have to see a bottle of Stone's Green Ginger wine to think of my mum, she loved it and she made the best ginger cake and biscuits ever. 'A' on the other hand can't abide it. It's not the heat he doesn't like, he's a real Scotch bonnet pepper fan. I just don't think he has the gene!

So even though all you need to make decent ginger tea is a nice small piece of ginger root,no wonder when tea shopping I couldn't resist trying a packet of Pukka 'three ginger' tea. Did you know there were THREE different types of ginger? I didn't and I considered myself to be a ginger connoisseur. I had to buy a packet to find out more.
First of all it contains the usual ginger root we're all familiar with.
It also contains Turmeric....I had no idea it's a form of ginger and also one of those apparently miracle super foods that's really good for you.
....and Galengal,another kind of ginger.

It has Licorice root too! ...but even I know thats not a form of ginger! (but it is a legume...that means it's related to peas and beans!!)

All designed, 'to settle digestion warm circulation and lift your spirit'......
And it does really have a lovely deep gingery taste....

Ooh and this Ginger Hibiscus Tea sounds yummy too.....and the Licorice interesting......
..It's amazing what you learn when you're food shopping......


  1. I adore ginger tea ... nothing warms or satisfies quite like it!

  2. Ooh you must have the gene Tracey.....I agree with you there's nothing quite like it, especially when it's as cold as it is over here at the moment....and it's still only Autumn! (...except maybe Chai Steamer......)