Monday 20 December 2010

The Best Gift Ever

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I've been like a little girl waiting for Christmas morning this week. Every time a UPS or parcel van drove past the window I wondered if it could be bringing a parcel for me. That's because I knew that something special was coming from a long, long way and it had been made specially for me by someone who has become very special to me this year.

Then today it arrived. As you can see I didn't wait for Christmas morning to open it. I could hardly control myself in ripping open the packaging and then lifting up the pale turquoise tissue paper to reveal the loveliest scarf you have ever seen. Neatly crocheted in some of my favourite colours in antique dyed wool I had to try it on straight you can see I didn't even take time to get dressed first!!

It was made for me by Caz who I'm sure I've told you about tons of times because her blog is the first one I check when I switch the computer on every morning. She writes the Bird With The Golden Seed blog which is informed by her love of books and interest in urban archeology and family, craft and cooking, as well as lots of other interesting things. You must go over and check it out.

Thank you Caz so much for my beautiful gift. I'm so glad that I started writing this blog in February because if I hadn't, I never would have met you.


  1. It finally arrived! I was worried it had been caught up in the Christmas snow (that box looks a bit beaten up too!). I'm so glad you like the scarf. I think it actually turned out much nicer than the first one I made and I hope that it will help keep you warm as you go off to the market or out for a walk once the weather gets a bit better. Have a fantastic Christmas!

  2. Thank you Caz.....this really is the best gift for me, beautiful and useful.......

    Have an amazing Christmas too.