Saturday 1 January 2011

A New Year - A White Blank Page

A new year is a bit like opening a blank page in a brand new book. No scribbles or doodles yet, but no crossing-out or erasing either. No achievements, no mistakes! A fresh start - it's exciting.

My notebook is itching for something to be written on it....maybe a New Years resolution list?

But I don't want to write a list....because once I’ve written one I can’t rest until I’ve crossed off all the ‘to-do’s.

So I’m going to fly in the face of convention. I’m not making a new years resolution list.

I actually blame the ginger tea. If I hadn't become addicted to it I wouldn't have checked on the Pukka website when I saw the little note inside the bottom of the tea box that promised free samples if you check online. I wouldn't have read about Ayurveda which is a 400 year old Indian Philosophy of health and well-being. It could also have been because H and I did some yoga and I'd forgotten how cool and relaxing it is. But I think I'm about to go through a bit of a hippy phase! Which I don't think is conducive to list writing....but I may be mistaken.

So I'm going to be a bit more chilled this year....and see what happens.....maybe even learn to embrace "dolce far niente"......'the sweetness of doing nothing!'

But I have taken the pledge!! You may have noticed the cute button in the side bar. I can't wait I've got an excuse now to read as much as I want.....I've got to do it.....I've taken the pledge!


  1. i totally agree! lists are a bad way to start the New Year... too much pressure on yourself... also, I got a kindle for my birthday and i love it, haven't read so much in ages! Happy New Year !

  2. Not making lists sounds like a great idea ... I think it's nice once in a while to just ease into a year and see how it feels first, before we go committing ourselves to take on far too much. Being chilled sounds perfect!

    Happy new year!

  3. Thanks both, hope you have great 2011.