Sunday 27 March 2011

She Keeps Bees - Ribbon

She Keeps Bees - Ribbon....we just missed them coming to Oxford a couple of weeks ago but never mind we're going to see Spiers and Boden next week.....yay.....

It was the name that first attracted me...I genuinely do want to keep bees and think we have the perfect spot....especially when there are so many more urban beekeepers in really big cities like London, Birmingham and New York that are successful.

...Maybe it's something to do with my name meaning bee...or because we use tons of honey...More likely it's the romantic notion of beehives nestling amongst an orchard of apple trees...and the buzzing of fat little bees which is so quintessentially the sound of English summertime for me....


  1. I haven't come across 'She Keeps Bees' before, so thanks for sharing (her voice is amazing). I bet you're a fantastic person to go to 'gigs' with! :)

    I've always wanted to keep bees too, and I'm not really sure why ... I think perhaps it could be my romantic imagination ... or the fact that I adore that buzzing sound ... and love the colour combination of yellow and black ... gosh, who knows? ;)

  2. I was just reading about urban bee-keeping in Melbourne this week! Check it out at

  3. I saw the name on a poster whilst food shopping caught my attention straight away because I have had this niggling longing to keep bees for such a long time... So I googled the band and loved the sound....but it was too late to get tickets. I'm sure they'll be back again soon though.

    That's interesting Caz. Thanks for the link, I've just read it. I think it's such a lovely idea to have hives balanced on a roof or vacant plot smack-bang in the middle of a city...