Wednesday 27 April 2011

Blueberry Cake and 'Tea and Two Slices'

The highlight of giving H a lift back to London had to be cake! Light sponge, fresh blueberries and drizzle icing...oversized portions kindly given to us by generous housemate who bakes the most amazing cakes and has just started writing a blog 'Tea and Two slices' dedicated to the subject. She is very good at it, something her housemates and I can vouch for. You might like to check it out here.

Hopefully she'll post the blueberry cake recipe soon...


  1. Great looking cake - i must check out that blog!

  2. Romy is an amazing baker...she's constantly trying and testing new recipes..for which her housemates are really grateful...

  3. Goodness, that cake look delicious. I'm off to visit her blog.

  4. Me too, I'm still waiting for her to post this recipe. :o)