Saturday 9 April 2011

Rigetta Klint's Beetroot Pesto

I've been wanting to make Rigetta Klint's beetroot pesto since first seeing her recipe on Design Sponge. Doesn't she have the most wonderful name? and isn't the colour amazing?

It is so simple to make and if like me you are a beetroot lover, it's a perfect standby to have in the fridge. You just need an hour in which you can be doing other things, to either boil or roast the beetroot, and then it's just a quick whizz up of a few additional ingredients and you have the base of lots of quick supper or lunch dishes.

Like Rigetta I tried it first with pasta. I used wheat and gluten free pasta which at ten minutes takes a little longer to cook than the usual durum wheat ones.

I now have a handy little pot ready in the fridge and apparently it's freezable too. I'm planning to try it in risotto next....
..I'll let you know if it works...oh and then over roasted vegetables...mmm...


  1. There is a restaurant in an art gallery near where I live that does a great beetroot risotto. It tastes great. Such an amazing colour. You've got to love food in (almost) primary colours. Makes me think of the lost boys in Never Never Land. But now you've reminded me that I haven't been there for ages or included the gallery in my blog. Cheers Debby

  2. I must make the risotto next, I can't wait to try it. I had planned to, and then other things needed using up and I kept trying the pesto with everything's even great with nice brown bread topped with big slices of tomato, black olives and a little flat parsley...yum..

    The art gallery restaurant sounds amazing Jodie...and I love the connection you made to Never Never Land...thanks Deb...

  3. PS Jodie...I do hope that you do write about the gallery on your blog...I'd love to read about it.

  4. Yum, yum, yum!! I MUST try this and eat this! ;)

  5. It is absolutely delicious and I've tried using it stirred into risotto and it works more-ish....