Sunday 3 November 2013

The Weekend...Cucumber, Cakes, Keats House and Pomegranate Green Tea


I did run away this weekend...and it was lovely...(whoops accidentally re-published this post and now I can't put it back where it belongs...nice to remember a cool weekend...)

'A' had to go to London for a meeting and so I tagged along too. Stayed with a friend, then met up with H in Hampstead Village and had fun....

The plan was lunch and then Keats delays and road works changed that...but never mind we've planned to check the forecast for a sunny weekend and picnic in the garden of Keats House another day.

We had a fun girlie time, we ate and window shopped and then ate more and walked on the Heath. We discovered an amazing book shop...Isn't that open door inviting? I sneaked some photos of Keats House over the Garden wall, as well as lots of others, but not my favourite higgeldy piggeldy house that's on the edge of the Heath and looks like something out of a fairy story...but probably would still be miles out of our budget...

...And we felt sorry for 'A' and bought him a chocolate cake. He was pleased but said the meeting was in an awesome hotel and the food was delicious...but he still would have been happier to spend the time with us...


  1. looks fantastic deb, i love all the places you visited, especially the inviting book store!

    1. I know. It's hard not to go in even when the door's closed. I couldn't resist this temptation.

  2. I do always love your weekend posts ... and especially these adventures here captured. I would be very happy indeed to dive into each and every one of the locations depicted in your beautiful photos. I love discovering new book stores! :)

  3. Thanks Tracey. Since I was a little girl they've always been one of my favourite places.