Monday 13 June 2011

Rainy weekend

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It rained pretty much all weekend but I loved washed the car and watered the baby beetroots and the chillies and the beans, so I didn't have to. It gave me time to do indoor things like finish making some cushion covers and do more crocheting

and discover that Franny Brawnes little cardigan that I covetted in Bright Star and wanted to make was designed by Sophie Digard, who makes beautiful scarves and sweaters and that you can read about in Selvedge

and it gave me time to read lots of blogs and write because I couldn't do any gardening and the meeting I had with Steven Willats was rained off.

And then H came home from a festival at 2am on Monday morning all muddy and sleepy to stay for the night on her way back to London and it was great to see her....a good weekend...

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