Tuesday 5 July 2011

The Turf Tavern Oxford

We'd lived in Oxford a long time before we discovered The Turf Tavern hidden away down a little passage, under the Bridge of Sighs. It's great in the summer when you can sit outside and eat lunch, but the best time of all is on a frosty autumn or winter Sunday when all the braziers are lit and you can toast marshmallows and drink mulled wine or hot chocolate...


  1. Gagh! I've just come back from a conference in Oxford and definitely should have checked out your blog before heading there! I had a lovely few hours after the course ended today and thoroughly enjoyed exploring, but in the rain a great coffee/drink stop was much needed... I did find the Jam Factory though which was lovely, but I'll definitely check out this place next year. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Ah that's a shame Kate. But The Jam Factory has a nice feel to it too...quite arty and really laid back. The Turf is somewhere to look forward to for next time.