Wednesday 24 August 2011

Elder Stubbs Festival

We visited Elder Stubbs Allotment Festival on Saturday. There were organic vegetable sales, vegetarian food and a nice old brown tent with a clay oven for baking pizzas. The foody bits were really busy and we were so preoccupied looking at stuff and bumping into long-lost friends, and making arrangements to meet up that I forget to take photos of that bit (you may be glad about that...I do rather do the boring holiday slide thing but I can never decide which ones to post, so do most of them!)

There was music...jazz, acoustic and rock and a lady caning chairs and I discovered that as long as I can knit I can redo my old chair that needs re-caning.

It was all a bit hippy with Green Peace and the Green party and Humanist Society stalls and it reminded me of The Eighth Day clothes/record shop cum vegetarian restaurant that I used spend loads of time in when I was a teenager.

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