Saturday 20 August 2011

Garden Project

I can't take credit for the lovely red gem came in my veg box. But I can for the beetroot tops you can see peeping out, and the dill flowers too. I also did a spot of foraging. I collected some Cobnuts from the woods. We've got a project on the go at the end of the garden that requires lots of trips into the wood and I kept spotting them so picked them up on my journeys. 'A' said they wouldn't be any good or the squirrels would have either eaten or squirrelled them away for winter, but I couldn't resist.

I made this salad with the above mentioned leaves and windfall William pears from a friend's garden. Nice salty feta cheese, mushrooms and a drizzel of Balsamic vinegar. I opened up the nuts and 'A' was right...they weren't good. I rooted to see what I had squirreled away myself and found pine nuts...walnuts would have been nice too...but this worked fine...a nice earthy salad

...and the project? Here's a clue...

Well it's not really clue...I've told you haven't I...Hopefully it'll be finished tomorrow and I can show you the results.


  1. Another lovely salad and I can't wait to see the new oven!

  2. It's finished and I'm really pleased with it. I'll be posting some pictures soon.