Monday 19 September 2011

Flea Market Finds

It’s was the last Sunday carboot sale at Peachcroft Farm before they move to a covered venue for the Autumn.  We arrived as people were packing up to leave.  First find was a cotton John Rocha dress.  I was so eager to try it on that I did so over a sweater, not a wise thing, I didn't notice it was still tied at the back and as you can see I ripped a huge tear in it!!  It does need a little tlc anyway it's obviously been much loved and worn but it was a bargain at £2.

I was given the silver frame for nothing.  

Then bought some John Grisham novels for A.  I was confusing Grisham with John Irving who wrote my favourite Prayer For Owen Meany.  But JG wrote The Pelican Brief and Rainman, so I'm sure these'll be good too. Just £3.50 for five hardbacked books.

Then my best find of all was the tureen in lovely pale grey and white.  I bought it off a lady selling her wears from a horse box...I love riding although haven't been for seven or eight years...but I wasn't very happy when I was told that she goes fox hunting...:o(  

...but she did say I could offer any price for the tureen...and then suggested 50p!!  I would have offered her much more!!  Well you know what they say 'One man's rubbish.....'

I am now planning my Christmas dinner table all grey and white ...just imagine the roast potatoes served from the new tureen...

...oh and last week I found some old Danish silver and white candlesticks in the loft that one of my sister-in-law's gave us when we visited her in Denmark years ago....they would look amazing...

I doesn't matter summers nearly over...roll on Christmas holidays...

I've linked over to Her Library Adventures, so you can check more Flea Market Finds if you like.


  1. nice work Debbie! I think the Tureen will have a much happier life at your house :-)

  2. It will definitely be well used and loved Rel.