Thursday 15 September 2011

Pears poached in Pink Lady with homemade custard

Some of my favourite dishes have been happy accidents...the serendipity of finding odds and ends that need using up...putting them together and hey presto making something yummy.

A case in point is my pears poached in Pink Lady perry. A kind friend of A's  sent a bottle of Pink Lady Sparkling Perry pear wine for me at the weekend...I had a glass and didn't want the rest to go to waste. I also had three very ripe pears in the fruit basket...the two were made for each other.

 I simply covered the pears with the wine added a little honey, Muscovado sugar a crushed cardomom pod and a little cinnamon powder and poached the pears until they were tender. Then thickened the sauce with a little arrowroot powder.

I then made a simple custard using this recipe and half quantities but omitted the butter.   This made a lovely light desert.


  1. actually a genius idea... double pear hit!... was it too intense?... can't imagine there'd be anything wrong with that!!

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  3. Thanks Dom. No thankfully it wasn't too intense...because the perry is more like a sweet sparkling wine with just a really mild hint of pear. Amazingly it worked really well...