Sunday 30 October 2011

Very Quick Easy, Last Minute Halloween Decorations

The last couple of years Halloween has fallen at a weekend which was great for parties.  I spent hours last year along with one of my sisters, covering a large window that looked out onto the porch, with grey sugar paper that we'd carefully cut bat-shaped holes into.  When candlelit from behind the window had spooky bat-like lights from within. We then stuck the grey bat shapes onto the glass panels on the front door, so that more batty shapes could be seen.  We got lots of compliments from 'trick or treaters'...

I had similar great plans for this year, including dressing up with witchy striped  legs, appropriate hat and my broomstick.  But I'd forgotten about work!  The clock turned back last night which will bring the witching hour even earlier, the younger trick or treaters begin their rounds very early...I'm not sure if I'll be home from work in time...

But I've got lots of goodies ready and 'A' will be home before me and I couldn't resist making some very quick last minute decorations this afternoon.  Here is how I made a very quick bat wreath for the door.

  1. Make a tube from bubble wrap and secure with Sellotape.
  2. Form the tube into a circle and Sellotape the ends together.
  3. Cut out appropriate shapes.  I decided on bats, but skulls or ghosts or pumpkins would be good too.
  4. Attach to the ring with double sided tape. Layer them together so that it looks like a colony of bats swarming together.
  5. Thread more shapes onto a length of wool and stitch to the bottom of the wreath, allowing them to hang down.
  6. Stitch a loop at the top of the wreath to hang it up.
To make bat bunting simply cut out more bats and thread them onto cord or wool strengthening the back with a little Sellotape.

As these are made from paper I'll wait until tomorrow evening to hang them out....until then "Happy Halloween"

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