Monday 21 November 2011

It was my birthday last week

Still got the same chubby cheeks!

It was a perfect day...I woke at 4am, couldn't sleep, so sneaked downstairs for a cup of tea and watched This Old House and Holmes on Homes.   Half an hour later 'A' came down with a bunch of flowers...he remembered that I love simple white tulips.  

I've absolutely no idea where he'd secreted away gifts including the flowers,Annie Hall DVD, a book about Louisa May Alcott's family that I've been wanting for ages, and a birthday card with some money to treat myself.

I took the day off work, pottered around and watched Annie housework whatsoever, just opening cards and parcels and answering phone calls and reading facebook messages. Just before supper 'A' popped out for something we'd run out of, and came back with H!!  

I was so surprised because I knew she was working and only had one day off that week. She'd cleverly texted in the morning and phoned during lunch-break to apologise for not being able to come...just to put me off the scent...then came straight from work in London for a surprise stopover, especially for my birthday...baring more gifts... and stayed overnight so that we had the whole following day together (another lovely work-free day.)  Quality time, whilst poor 'A' had to work.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we talked and talked, and went for a walk to Port Meadow  

...and had lunch at The Perch with my birthday money. It was delicious but very rich for us...a tad too much cream and butter...but we ate it all...and I'm sure we walked it off later...

When 'A' eventually got home from work we had supper and then drove H back to London...and eventually curled up in bed at 3.30am but it was so worth the time we had together...another amazing birthday...

Thanks so much A and H and everyone else who made it so special...

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