Friday 10 August 2012

Parades End

Whoops... I accidentally published the link to this before I wrote anything!

Checking my emails before going to work this morning I noticed an advertisement for new drama series Parades End.   I love period dramas (well some) and  Benedict Cumberbatch and  that sweater... I can't wait to see all those Edwardian costumes...roll on autumn...

new drama more info here


  1. Very nice. I will need to keep an eye out for that here. It will probably be next year though.

  2. Hi Heather...whoops, I accidentally published this before I'd written anything...I hope it's good the photo's look amazing and it's a big budget production with lots of well known actors...I can't wait...

    Once it airs I can give you a little more information...

  3. Thanks for alerting me to this. We don't have a TV so tend to be out of touch, but I do like a good period drama and BC, so will look out for this on IPlayer

    1. You're welcome choclette. It must sometimes be very liberating not having a t.v but thank goodness for IIPlayer too....