Thursday 16 August 2012

Searching the lanes for choccywoccydoodah

I loved rooting around The Lanes when we were in Brighton. We stumbled across shops with all kinds of quirky vintage wares and interesting places to eat, including English's Restaurant and Oyster Bar that's reputedly one of the oldest in the country.  You can eat outside on massive dishes of fruit de mare whilst listening to a french jazz band playing. We didn't because we were already full of fish and chips at this point...but it all looked lovely. We found a sweet little very friendly flower-cum-antique shop Quince in the South Lanes and couldn't resist buying an antique enamel mug with an orange bead plant for my sister B who loves flowers, and enamelware.

I wanted to bring something fun back for H and searched for Choccywoccydoodah...but couldn't find it. 

Never mind a good excuse to go back sometime...


  1. I would have loved to roam those lanes endlessly, thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved the lanes last year - couldn't find choccywocy but did find Recipease and did a fabulous pasta masterclass!I Have only had homemade pasta ever since!

    1. Oh inspired by your amazing pasta I had a go and it turned out dreadfully! I must re-read your post and have another go soon.

  3. Looks wonderful Debby! I would love to wander about those laneways on a delightful visit to Brighton. It looks like a lovely place to lose lots of time in the most pleasant of ways (and looks like an easy place to spend lots of money on beautiful things). xx

  4. I was very good and controlled myself Tracey...but it wasn't easy!