Sunday 21 October 2012

weekending, Isis farmhouse, and goats cheese and fig salad

Saturday morning the mist from the river rose up to meet the mist from the woods.  They hung around together for a couple of hours and tempted me to curl up on the sofa for a bit and watch indulgent early Saturday morning tv while everyone was still sleeping. A couple of episodes of A Farm Life which began with a similarly misty morning, and then The Victorian Christmas. I couldn't resist as my current favourite viewing along with Nigel Slater's new series Dish of the Day is The War Time Farm, with the same presenters. 

I thinks it's not only the farming hook that has me, I also have a soft-spot for historian Ruth Goodman. I actually I think it's a bit of a lady crush...She's just so enthusiastic about everything she does and is always good humoured whatever horrible job she's doing, from mucking out pigs, to dyeing ribbons with plants and then fixing the dye with urine. All the while wearing not a spot of makeup even mascara and being naturally red-headed she has the palest eyelashes ever and her hair done up in the most unflattering 1940's hairstyle and yet she doesn't seem to mind a bit, despite being in front of the camera whilst doing so. I just love her...

After breakfast and dropping H off at her roller derby lesson, 'A' and I did a few errands, went to Orinoco where there was a book sale and bumped into not one, but two artist friends that I hadn't seen for ages.  Then we had a quick walk by the river at Iffley Lock. We stopped in the Isis farmhouse for a drink. It's has a great atmosphere...very shabby chic...roughly plastered walls and crumbling paintwork, deer head on the wall, table full of newspapers and magazines,  log fire and burner and it's full of what looks like old garden furniture.  But we just love it. They do great stonking scones that we had to try even though we weren't hungry and good coffee. A great selection of teas as well as beer and other drinks. I tried the green tea. The menu looked good and very reasonably priced...we'll try it out sometime and let you know...

Oh and I even got to wear my new anabelle cardigan which I've had on almost all week since finishing it. The Lopi wool is so soft and warm it's really cuddly I can't stop wearing it. Even though it's so thick it does make me look a bit like a teddy bear. You can just about see it in one of the photo's...although it's a bit hidden by a big old red waterproof...

Sunday everyone vanished...'A' was teaching in London and H stayed with boyfriend so I had a whole day to try and sort out my study and our bedroom.  I did some sorting out but then I found a journal that I'd written in 2004. It was really funny to wasn't meant to be, but had me in stitches...then I reasoned that it's probably exactly what my blog does...good job I don't read it! Never mind it's good to  make people laugh ... 

'A' returned at tea time carrying bags of big plump pomegranates, turkish cheese and bread, a melon, fresh walnuts and almonds and a box of halva. So I'm planning lots more salads with lovely salty feta cheese and sweet fruit similar to this goats cheese and fig one.

To make my goats cheese and fresh fig salad you will need:

  • Some salad leaves.  I used peppery rocket and some coriander
  • One small yellow pepper
  • A few radishes sliced very finely
  • A small bulb of fennel sliced thinly
  • One or two spring onions/scallions topped tailed and thinly sliced.
  • One ripe fig per person cut into eighths.
  • A little pomegranate molasses to dress.


Simply combine all the ingredients and dress with the pomegranate molasses or dressing of choice. Preferably something sweet/sour like a honey mustard dressing with mellow balsamic vinegar, grainy mustard, honey and olive oil. 

...another lovely autumn salad.

Hope you had a good weekend too...

joining with amanda for weekending...


  1. Your photos make me want to hop across the pond for a visit Debby, you live in such a lovely place.
    I am so envious that you are wearing your Annabel, I might get to wear mine in a few months if the weather cooperates.Now, let see some pictures!:)
    Thanks again for another wonderful recipe, I will have to wait until next July for my figs to produce again to try it, but try it I will!

  2. You are so fortunate to have your own figs Tracey. I will definitely take some photos it's probably shaped like me by now though!

  3. Love the photos and it looks like the perfect place to spend the day. I think I can see a peep of your cardigan. Don't you love wearing hand knits? I am in the mood for holiday music but I am resisting for now :)

    1. I know Karen it is so cuddly that I want to wear it all the time. There's time enough for Christmas music...but it is jolly...and kind of homely and cosy....

  4. Beautiful! I love the farm pics! Have a happy week!

  5. thanks Erin...hope you have a good one too..

  6. when i read your weekending posts i am filled with the urge to come visit. your world looks and sounds lovely!

  7. Those photographs are all gorgeous. Are you in Northamptonshire? The buildings in the first picture look very similar.

    1. Thanks Choclette. No we live in Oxford. That's a pretty little village/suburb called Iffley that's not far from us. It is lovely.