Monday 26 November 2012

belated weekend catch-up, curly tashes and too much cake...

Weekend began on Friday morning with cake for breakfast, shop bought...not even home made, or pretending to be healthy.

It really began even before then on Thursday afternoon. I've got into the habit this week of going grocery shopping at twilight. There's just time before everyone comes home for supper. Trying to work at home now, with mild misty Christmasy days that suddenly go dull and dark at three o'clock,  the grocery store with  wide isles, twinkling lights and helpful staff calls me...As does the bakery section with reduced bread, baked that day. This Thursday I came out of there with good organic bread, crisps and even cake...and then devoured two bags of crisps (which I very rarely buy, never-mind eat) and two dark chocolate ginger bars in the car before driving back home. Only to have a cup of tea and big slice of cake when I got bit is, I didn't even feel guilty.  

Definitely something to do with my impending birthday Friday morning and wanting to celebrate.     It was so good I didn't even care...

Sad but true, the first thing I usually do at 6:30 am with bleary eyes and without reading glasses before making breakfast, is check the Etsy shop for customers and blogs for new posts and comments,  then reply. Which is why my comments always have so many mistakes in them, and I sent my sister an email with "kits" of love instead of "lots." 

Actually I like"kits" of love...I think I'll use that instead from now on.  

Friday morning when I logged in, there on the keypad was a cute little drawstring bag with handwritten note that I almost missed in the half light. Inside, an invitation to meet H after work for Japanese tea and then here.  How cool...

After the usual manic morning rush, I opened parcels of fun things that had arrived in the post. A book and perfume, whilst A told me not to cook. It seemed he had supper planned, maybe he was going to make something (again lucky me, previous employer had treated all the staff to a meal here mid-week, gnocchi wild mushrooms, spinach and goats cheese...images 5 to 7 above courtesy of their website...check out the amazing tash...)

Fun time with H, met her in Summertown, rooted round here and fell in love with little vintage 20's shoes and Kimono's and stole lots of ideas for decorating, that I'll probably never use. 

Couldn't resist going into Barefoot Books (even though they are for little ones) and finding that they do yoga classes upstairs.

Then to the Mimosa for Japanese tea, it's lovely you climb into a tea room with panel doors and sit on the floor sipping tea...

...then home where A gave me a moleskin and a note saying that  tommorrow would be "open purse no-nonsense shopping" whisked us off to the river for supper...baked sea bass risotto followed by apple pie with custard...lots to be thankful for...

I'm a bit behind linking with Amanda for this weekend this was a week ago but still time to catch up with everyone over here....are you coming to catch up too?



  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday Debby, I hope the feelings of joy continue all year and I send you my happy birthday wishes.

    Now that it's dark for so late in the morning, I usually blog with my first cup of coffee and often make mistakes in my commenting, oh well, I just hope my true meaning comes through.
    I loved hearing about you eating cake for breakfast, my husband does the same thing.

    Have you ever heard Bill Cosby's standup about fatherhood? It it very funny and in it he talks about serving the children cake for breakfast. It's a huge joke around here whenever there is cake.

  2. Happy birthday mine was last week as well :) I think shopping at night while the lights are out is a very good idea! It sounds like this weekend was wonderful and you had a lovely time.

  3. happy belated birthday!

    and i'm laughing that tracey mentioned bill cosby's standup bit about cake for is one of my faves and my kids actually know the words and have devised a little dance ;-)

  4. Happy very belated birthday! What a magical time. I love the note left for you. And that moustache - crazy fun. It love that you ate all your "treats" without a bit of guilt. Bravo!