Thursday 8 November 2012

last weekend - "I must warn you I am having a bath"

Weekend began like a scene out of "I Capture The Castle."Friday night the power kept shorting, something to do with internal electricity. H tried to shower before going out but settled for a bath when it cut out the umpteenth time. Secreted behind the shower curtain, bathing by candlelight whilst I passed her a jug to rinse her hair and A fiddled with wires in the bathroom cupboard. The only thing missing a total scene match was a big bar of chocolate!

Saturday with the wiring still a bit iffy and H away for the weekend, we drove to London. 'A' to teach, and me to meet up with his sister S in Ikea...The bright lights drew me there...I can't help it. A bowl of carrot and coriander soup,  brown roll, green tea and fruit tart later we treated ourselves to a sweet stoneware bowl each...I'll show you later...I was travelling light, no camera, no knitting...just a book that I didn't even pick up to read.

It was a lovely relaxing weekend. Lots of talking. Back to S's for supper and to meet up with boyfriend T who arrived with the most amazingly abundant amount of delicious Indian take-away. Chicken Biriani for me and Lamb Biriani for everyone else plus Butter Chicken and a spicy dahl dish and Raita.  Enough to take home for supper next evening. Another day of no cooking. We chilled out, ate and watched silly romantic movie, "Crazy, Stupid, Love." I've bit of a soft spot for Ryan there were no complaints from me...

Late night...late morning...lingering in PJ's talking and mulling about, before heading home for supper, that thanks to T didn't need cooking...ready to begin another week...

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  1. Despite the dodgy wiring, it sounds like a perfect weekend - or at least it would have if that big bar of chocolate was on set.