Tuesday 1 January 2013

“One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore.

It was a different kind of Christmas this year. I love the whole thing so much that I generally have the tree bought and dressed as soon after the 1st of the month as possible without being too premature. In fact the whole kitchen is usually bedecked with giant paper snowflakes soon after.  The cake baked, presents made or bought, weeks, if not months in advance and the food prepared long before needed. I don't know what happened this year, I just couldn't get organised.  So I didn't manage to make the ginger cookies using the special biscuit cutter gift to hang on the tree the weekend before, as hoped.

Christmas morning arrived and we exchanged gifts, less than usual as agreed. Had the sparkling wine and breakfast thanks to A. The table set, thanks to H and there was I, still in PJ's sitting down peeling potatoes...I never sit down to prepare veg...check out the lip-chewing concentration...The room needed  tidying, guest on her way...I didn't even notice that A was trying out his Christmas gift off H...At last someone else is taking taking photographs besides me...As you can see he likes playing with different effects like changing the colour to sepia or black and white for a change....

Amazingly everything came together food-wise...It was surprisingly very good. But poor H came down with flu. she was waining at the Christmas Dinner table. Thankfully we only had one guest this year and she didn't. But gradually over the next couple of days 'A' did and then I followed suit...We had to re-arrange a few invitations, but it was good that no-one had work to go to and we watched gentle films like Lilo and Stitch instead of playing games. H slept a lot and it rained and we thought the flood defence would go back up, but we didn't really mind, we weren't going anywhere soon...and we had lots of fun new things to play with...

I hope yours was a good one...


  1. whoops sorry so many edits and re-publishes...my head is still full of Christmas cake...

  2. I just watched LILO and stitch this afternoon!!! I hope the flu has left your house. Also love the sock quote, I quite agree. Happy new year!!

    1. What a coincidence, I was lovely I don't remember watching it before. We're all much better now thanks Karen and really looking forward to the new year.

  3. Your Christmas dinner looks fabulous!