Wednesday 16 January 2013

We ran away...

The weeks since New Year have been a happy, hazy blur of big noisy extended family gatherings with visitors from abroad. We've had amazing food and laughter and stayed up much too late. Mostly talking, sometimes watching films together, like sad, gentle animations or exciting Westerns with handsome cowboys and awesome costumes. Listened to Paper Bird almost constantly and gone for long walks by a freezing river. 

And in-between, just before new year we managed to run away for one night and two days. Just me and A. Not too far away and we took-in deep breaths in the open Cotswold countryside. Explored little shops in cute villages in the freezing cold. Watched TV in bed. Slept too late for breakfast and ate the best ever beer batter fish and chips.

Since then everything warmed up, the birds were singing all day long. The bulbs from last Nom Rooz unfurled, the cherry tree began to bud and I couldn't stop buying flowers, For me...and every one else. Then we woke up one day to snow and ice. But the birds haven't stopped singing and spring is definitely in the air, and even though apparently we're heading for more ice and snow I can't stop thinking about making summer dresses and buying seeds...oh and planning to run away again soon...


  1. Hey, it is so nice to see you here and to have a face to go with your words!
    Sounds like you are making the most out of this life which is wonderful to hear.
    We have been unusally warm and my husband came home yesterday with a stack of seeds, but he is going to have to wait to plant, cooler weather is on it's way here too!

  2. Thanks Tracey, you too.

    The best bit recently has been having eight around the dinner table. I just love big jostley family times and talking for ages and remembering all the funny stories and teasing each other.

    I just love when all the little seedlings start to grow again...and the cycle begins all over...

  3. A runaway sounds like perfection to me. I love how it has lifted your spirits and put a spring into your step.

  4. Lookss like a blissful getaway and I bet before you blink spring will arrive soon enough. So glad to 'see' you!!!!

  5. I found your blog by chance and I love it.
    I like photos and your nice comments! I will follow your blog!
    Sorry for my bad English.

  6. Thank you Montse. Your English is perfect, don't apologise. I'll come and have a read of yours too.