Monday 25 March 2013


It's still freezing and we had some snow, but Miraculously we missed all the floods and blizzards that everyone else had this weekend. The roads were dead quiet and we drove down to Sussex in record time. We were greeted by a roaring fire, great company, amazing food....(don't laugh if you read my last post)...with a crumb topping....!! Mushrooms and chicken with a pesto crumb for me and crumbed lamb chops for the others...oh and amazing pea and courgette soup that was all herby and refreshing.

B showed me the bags she's been making for her recently re-opened Etsy shop. I couldn't resist bagsy-ing one for me that she was in the process of making. A big reversible oxblood coloured weekend bag lined with gorgeous richly coloured Liberty fabric. I'll show it to you when I get it. I did a spot of modelling for her shop, that's me in the chartreuse coloured coat. Then spent indulgent time reading all her Molly Makes and Selvedge Magazines. That have inspired so many things that I now want to make and do... It was a good weekend...

...Hope yours was good too...


  1. Ian grinning from reading another crumble topping! Glad you are getting regular bizarre weather and not the crazy extreme weather!!

  2. It is freezing! I swear it was warmer in the middle of winter. The photos of the snow-laden trees look wonderful x