Monday 22 July 2013

Cherry picking....

Weekend started with order. House clean and sparkly. Fridge stocked from 8am produce shop. Family visitors arrived late morning and picked the garden of fruit while commenting on the Hobbit stove and garden. Even Hobbit house...It was meant to be a compliment...I think... 

Two car-fulls went to Millets Farm to gather cherries. With whoops and cheers as bags and buckets got filled with sweet deep red juicy fruits, all plump and dark. Stomachs too. Until tired, some lay on the grass inside the netted orchard like butterflies trapped by sweet bait.

Home, for 'A's' famous pizzas baked in the garden oven. Where we left a chicken to slowly roast with lemon and garlic and salt and pepper. Ready for late supper snack to eat with warm baked baguettes, salad and salty gherkins. 

In-between, the unusually 2:1 female heavy ratio of visitors noisily watched old movies, Barefoot in the Park, then Mama Mia...Much more talking than listening. "What a gorgeous figure Jane Fonda had (still has...), how handsome Robert Redford was". Oohing and aahing at Corie's brownstone flat, singing off-key to Abba choruses, laughing at Pierce Brosnen's even more off-key singing and lamenting his recent sad news...All through the growling of snoring men.  How can they doze with all that going on?

After waving goodbye to smiling visitors Saturday night, Sunday was a slow day. All good plans forgotten as we pottered around the house. Brewing pots of coffee to try and kick us into motion. Too lazy to cook, making sandwiches from moist lemony left over chicken. 

Until eventually I began to upload some of the more than hundred, photos from a trip to the V and A, and gradually the dresses and the fabrics and the stitches inspired me to begin making one myself...until I got distracted by The White Queen. was your weekend...good I hope...sharing with Amanda for to come too?

"...Shama, shama...el mal...kamama...


  1. I do enjoy a clean house. Nothing else like it! I believe you had an enjoyable weekend, and coming home to a homemade pizza-that is service :) Glad you had a good time and love the dress in the photo! So you're going to sew one??? Can't wait to see it!

    1. Not like that one Karen. But that one along with lots of other gorgeous ones at the V and A museum inspired be to start sewing. I used to make all sorts of things, even a hand made full size tent for an art project and coats and dresses and costumes for Hannah. I must start again.

  2. what a great weekend with the family. and cherries! what are the plans for all those cherries??

    1. They've gone now! So delicious that we just wolfed them all down.

  3. cherries! yes, yes, yes.

    and barefoot in the park is a fave - love.

  4. It's a real fun, feel good movie. I so love that brownstone flat...