Monday 15 July 2013


The days are getting shorter but they seem much longer. It's hot and life is coats no boots...outdoor eating. It was H's birthday and for the first time we used the garden oven that we'd fashioned out of mossy stones and clay...It was all cracked and sad looking after winter.  But it came alive when the fire was lit and A made his amazing pizza's for H and her boyfriend. We drank cold beers and ate the smoky pizzas whilst A made us laugh with funny stories of his wild teen years. And we sat until the candles had all burned to nothing.

You can find A's recipe here if you'd like to try too.

...joining Amanda for weekending... coming?


  1. Oh the photos are magical! I love your garden and the table setting is truly delightful. Happy birthday looks like a fun celebration as well as tasty :)

  2. love the photos and especially the candles outdoors - must have made for a charming time!

  3. debby this is fantastic! i love love love this post! this is your yard?! i dream of a yard like this, with an outdoor oven and a candle chandelier with a bistro table... and trees, all your trees...this is heaven. happy birthday to h!

  4. I love the photos, it looks like a most magical evening.

  5. Ohh Debby,
    this scene is beautiful, the photos seem decorating magazine, the pizza looks really good ... I have a little envious!