Monday 30 September 2013

Yellow...and the easiest chocolate brownies ever...

"In the nineteenth century, grey lead pencils were first painted bright a subtle marketing tool. The graphite in the pencils came from a mine near the Chinese border with Siberia and the yellow was a reference to the Manchu imperial robes and hence the mysterious East."      Colours: Travels Through the Paintbox, Victoria Finlay, via

Have you ever have a day where one colour seems to dominate? 

I did. It started off all the usual grey and green with a few warm colours thrown in for good measure. Then I was making my special magical cough and cold remedy for H. Cardamom tea with honey for me, and toast soldiers with soft boiled eggs for both of us. I had to draw moustaches on because that's how mum used to make them. I was pampering H a bit because she has a stonking cold and an awful cough, will be leaving home next week to live in London, and I'll miss her. 

Then I looked down at all the ingredients, the sun was shining and everything was YELLOW.  Golden honey, buttercup butter, creamy ginger, and mustard turmeric that matched the top of cardamom tea packet. Then the lemons, and the eggs...All yellow...

It didn't last very long though, things soon took on a more rainbow like appearance, and ended with a lovely chocolate brown when I made a batch of the easiest  and moistest  chocolate brownies ever. 


  1. I hope when she is in london that you get to see each other often. Yellow has been in our landscape for a few weeks since most of the wild bushes turn yellow-so pretty! Hope you don't catch that cold :)

  2. I hope H is better soon, with all your loving care I bet she will be too.
    I am seeing yellow everywhere here also. The golden rod is in bloom all along the ditch banks and the leaves are starting to change...I love it/
    Cardamon tea with honey is one of my favorites, enjoy. Oh, and thanks for the brownie recipe. I have a pear cake in the oven right now, but tomorrow it will be brownies.

  3. I definitely have those days where everything seems tinged with a certain colour. Yellow is one of my favourite colours ... but I'm also rather partial to delicious brownies too. :)