Thursday 18 March 2010

graze box

I was pleasantly surprised whilst beavering away drawing on Tuesday to hear a thud on the hall mat and discover a small brown package had been delivered in the lunchtime first I thought it must a book or CD from Amazon destined for the shelves of another family member, but turning it over saw my name...Ooh what could it be?

Opening it I found all sorts of goodies. The really cornily named items including 'agadoo' which I initially thought must be some kind of Japanese healthy nut and berry mix was actually a pun based on the 'push pineapple' song.....were amazingly delicious... were the golden honey nut hazels...


sweet, sweet pineapple that arrived amazingly cold and fresh...

All in a cute box with cardboard grass lining, recycled serviette and tiny bamboo fork...sustainable packaging easily without additives and tasty too...what more could you want?

Such a cool idea...a wonderful treat from my darling daughter whose studying really hard in London...well that's what she tells me!

I'm making up a list now of all my friends who'd appreciate such a luscious treat. They do yummy olives and savoury crackers too...mmmm

...Thank you H...x

oh and if you want to know more which I'm sure you will you can check out their website on and see how it all started.

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