Sunday 27 June 2010

The Albion Beatnick

The Albion Beatnick 34a Walton Street in Jericho the Bohemian quarter of Oxford is our new favourite book/coffee shop.
The congenial host, Dennis Harrison is just as cool and laid back as the jazz music that's playing whilst you sip filter coffee or tea, served in your chosen vessel from an eclectic mix ranging from mugs with literary quotes to delicate china, that even Alice's grandmother would be proud of.
Considering the size of the shop, which isn't enormous it has an amazing collection of 20th century fiction.
The quirky interior is really inviting as is the owner and we'll definitely be back, especially as they open in the evening from Wednesday to Saturday, sometimes apparently until very late......
You can find out a bit more in The Oxonion Review or here


  1. What a dream to own and operate a place like that...sigh

  2. It's always been A's pipe dream to own somewhere like that too.....

  3. Wow, this place looks amazing! Really need to make a trip to Oxford over summer, I've never been properly. Will take note of all these lovely little places :)

  4. You definitely should Hannah.....there are some lovely little haunts......