Wednesday 14 July 2010

Birthday Cup Cakes.

It's H's birthday tomorrow and I decided to make a mountain of cup cakes rather than just one big one. I've been trying to source some really nice cake cases ever since I saw these lovely ones with the strawberry jam on a blog somewhere, but can't remember whose....sorry....I think the credit has to go to Sandra Lane.

I finally managed to get some brown and white polka dot ones and some nice long bendy candles. I had a go at making little flags like those made by Nikole Herriott I'd seen on the beautiful Forty-sixth at grace blog.

H had requested a 'chocolate lovin spoon cake' which I've never made but a quick google resulted in this chocolate spoonful cake which sounded like it could be the one. It has sour cream in it so definitely a celebration cake. Whilst googling I also came across this black out cake recipe from the 1950's which also sounds good but I wasn't sure about the raw eggs in the icing, yolks and all! But had to tell you about it because I love the idea of heirloom recipes.

Best go, I've got bunting to make.

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