Wednesday 21 July 2010

Dungaree Love

We all have a bit of a thing about utilitarian wear at the moment, and unanimously fell in love with the bleached white French dungarees above. We saw them hanging on the end of a rail at Portobello Market last month. They were 1930's and obviously well worn, and well loved, as they were repaired within an inch of their lives. The legs were like little mini patchwork quilts. They'd started off as blue denim overalls and gradually over the years faded with sun and constant washing. They looked very fragile and we all wanted to own them. They would have been cute for gardening with the legs rolled a land army girl kind of way. But they were £100!! I don't think the stallholder wanted to sell them.....He was quite a dapper guy and would have looked really good in them. He probably wanted to keep them for himself! ...don't blame him
We did however get these thick navy woollen trousers for' A' for only £5 from another stall. They were unused X Naval Officer uniform and the braces, army surplus for another £5. A bit too warm to wear yet, but they'll be really toasty in the winter. He's into braces at the moment. We got him a beautiful black pair from Walters my favourite 'old school' men's shop and I've been madly stitching buttons on all his trousers ever since
Talking about utility wear I've just been looking at the Margaret Howell collection and it certainly has that look. Her style has been compared to Katherine Hepburn and Annie Hall....which is probably why I'm impressed. I saw this image of her in this months Vogue and think she looks so cool for her age, she's 64! I really want to get some jeans that I can wear rolled up like that. I love wearing masculine clothes with a feminine touch. And I just love her glasses...


  1. Love that neutral coloured shirt with a frill of a collar too. Finishes the outfit, don't you think?

  2. Yes she just looks so classy....