Wednesday 28 July 2010

Miss Dahl's Fishcakes

As you know I'm working my way through Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights, recipe by recipe. I thought the process would take me about a year, and that I would work through her book methodically. I would start off at the very beginning with the Autumn breakfasts, making them one by one. Possibly once a week, or maybe even fortnightly. I would plan the day appropriately and shop accordingly. Next would be the Autumn lunches made in a similar, un-rushed fashion. Gradually I would progress through the other three seasons. Until the cycle was completed. Miss Dahl's spring, would coincide with my spring, my Christmas dinner would mimic hers.

Well I'm afraid that I can't wait that long. Miss Dahl's recipes really are delightful and as soon as I've tried one, have to make another. As soon as I've returned from grocery shopping or searching the larder or fridge to find something to cook for supper, I have to just have a quick check of the index to see if any of my ingredients are listed there. It seems that mine and Miss Dahl's fridges are frequently, similarly stocked!

Which is why, when salmon was on the menu a couple of days ago, I just had to discover what culinary advice Miss D had to offer. The choice was a summer lunch dish of salmon fish cakes, or a supper dish of barbequed salmon on a cedar plank! Both Summer dishes, so at least the season was right. I didn't have a cedar plank on hand! But did have the mustard, mayonnaise, olive oil, egg and fresh herbs required to make the fish cakes. They sounded so light and summery, no heavy breadcrumbs or potato just poached fish, combined to make a light but filling fish cake, delicious served with salad greens or steamed spinach......yum...... ooh and lovely with a little drizzle of Tabasco sauce...

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