Wednesday 28 July 2010

Chargrilled scallops on pea puree

I absolutely promise that this will be the last posting of a MDVD recipe for this week....I'm sure that I won't be able to resist trying some more out before then, but scouts honour, not a word until at least Monday.....I'm totally infatuated with the book (if it's possible to be infatuated with a book) and probably just a little bit with Miss Dahl, too.....
I'm not sure why but I don't think that either 'A' or I, have ever tried scallops before. We must have, but neither had any recollection of doing so. So we decided to treat ourselves to some on Sunday. He's actually broken up for the summer holidays at last, and we don't have any holiday plans this year (which is possibly why I keep reminiscing about old ones) and so we decided to treat ourselves. Which probably doesn't make much sense to anyone but just seemed like a kind of holiday thing to do!
Neither of us had ever cooked them before. Although we'd seen it done millions of times on Master Chef. I still had to check in MDVD to see how to do it, believe me it was a necessity. I discovered the recipe for Chargrilled scallops with pea and mint puree. The scallops are actually panfried and then sauteed in chili and lemon zest......mmm.....The pea and mint puree is fresh and light. I've been trying to avoid using an old cliche but 'the taste of summer on a plate', genuinely describes the herby freshness of this. A lovely spring or summer dish.

This is such a colourful dish and easy to make, great if you want to really impress someone. Another thumbs up from me Miss D!


  1. Mmm this looks very good! Definately is summer food though, so I'll wait a little while and enjoy some hearty stews in the meantime! (It's actually cold in the land down under)

  2. It really is delicious Rel.

    I know...I just find it so hard to comprehend that the sun isn't always shining brightly in Australia. And that a month, say July, that we associate with holidays, and salad, and eating in the garden, is one that for you conjures up images of woolly jumpers and meals curled up by a log fire. (Well those are the images that winter months evoke for me....even though we don't have a log fire!)

    Enjoy your hearty stews...mmmmm.....