Thursday 29 July 2010

The Spanish Deli - Portobello Road

Here are the last of my images from Portobello Road last seems like ages since we went. These are in the Spanish delicatessen Garcia & Sons which was established in 1958. When we walked through the doors it was just like stepping into another country. We were instantly transported to a store in a bustling Spanish town. I could have spent hours just looking at the packaging, not to mention the breads and cakes and fruit.

I just adore the tins of chili powder....there were tons of different ones...I wanted to buy them all just for the lovely little boxes.....and the enormous paella pans....eventually I was dragged away empty handed........


  1. I have several tins of smoked paprika and even though I use it quite often I must admit to buying more than I need purely for the tins!

  2. oh I dream of being in such sister goes there at the shelves just bursting with delicacies galore....

  3. These ones are especially lovely Caz. I must admit I have a similar problem with mustard powder tins. Even though I always by jars of mustard...I can't resist the little tins, just because they look so nice in the cupboard!

    These kind of shops really are cool aren't they TK