Thursday 12 August 2010

Akiportshop and Cafe

We've found a cool new Portuguese coffee shop. I've been driving past the last couple of weeks giving H a lift, to and from her holiday job. I spotted Akiport shop and cafe. It seemed to have a nice buzz with lots of people sitting outside and reminded my of those little places you get espresso for a euro in Italy. When I discovered it was Portuguese I just had to try one of the little delicious custard tarts, pasteis de nata's. You can follow Bill Granger's recipe if you want to make them for yourself here....I don't think I will as they are positively too moreish....and I think the pastry is made with butter and the custard probably made with cream.....but we'll definitely be back, the espresso and cappuccino were really good and the sandwiches looked amazing.....and the owner who is really friendly, used to work at Browns one of our favourite restaurants and Bars in Oxford.....Ooh, I might just try one more pasties de nata.......

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