Thursday, 26 August 2010

Saturday Supper - Salmon baked with anchovies and capers.

B cooked an amazing salmon dish for Saturday supper. A huge fillet of fresh salmon, which she coated with basil pesto, anchovy fillets, green capers, basil leaves and slices of lime. Baked in a moderate oven in a foil parcel for twenty minutes or so,to retain the moisture. With just the addition of some small jewel like cherry tomatoes from the garden. Served with griddled courgettes drizzled with more lime juice and green beans, also home grown.

Followed by what I think could be described as a trifle with a French twist, comprising layered brioche buns and summer berries, drizzled with a little Cointreau and then topped with custard and a river of cream.....mmmmmm.....well it is a holiday!


  1. Sounds glorious, looks even better. Bet it tasted fabulous.

  2. It was delicious Katie and somehow tastes even better when someone else has made it for you....