Wednesday 22 September 2010

Baked Cod with A Mushroom and Walnut Crumb Topping

Another version of the Nigel Slater Dish that I adapted and you see here is baked cod with a crust consisting (per person):

1 Half a cup of Fresh breadcrumbs (I used home made spelt bread)
2 Diced Portobello mushroom
3 A small handful of chopped walnuts (I've only got little hands)
4 One clove of garlic crushed with a little coarse sea salt and then squashed into a paste
5 Ground black pepper
6 A little lemon zest and a squeeze of the juice
7 Olive oil to combine plus a little extra to oil an ovenproof dish

  • Mix together ingredients 1 to 6 in a bowl and combine with the olive oil
  • Oil a dish and place one cod fillet per person into it
  • Divide the mixture between the fillets and place it on top of each one firming into a crust
  • Bake at 180 degrees c for about 20 to 30 minutes until the fish is cooked and the crust nice and crunchy.

Whilst this was cooking I cooked some quinoa in water and then added finely diced tomatoes, red and yellow bell peppers and red onion . Seasoned with Salt and Pepper and dressed with lots of fresh lemon juice and used walnut oil to complement the walnuts in the topping.

This was a delicious and really simple supper to favourite kind....

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