Thursday, 21 October 2010

My Creative Space

I had a fantastic meeting yesterday, with the Head of Art at the school where I'm doing the artist's residency. I put my ideas about a tunnel-book workshop I'm planning for next month to her and we are definitely kindred spirits......she loved all my ideas and a model I took....we totally seem to get each other.......and I took photo's of the little Gallery the student's work will be exhibited in and mulled over ideas of images to project over the work and potential sound tracks.....great my creative space this morning is full of bits and bobs for tunnel books I'm making.

I've linked up with Kootoyoo today why not pop over and see what creative things lots of other people have going on in their creative space.......on

(sorry I've tried but I can't link over today :o( )


  1. Wow, this is amazing - you should check out Sempiterna Me for more book-y stuff, and also Meliors at Bibliophilia (they're on my links list if you can't find them via google)

  2. Oh thanks Lucy.....I'll check both those sites.