Tuesday 26 October 2010

Sunday the sky from my little study ( I would call it a studio....but H just laughs and says I'm pretentious if I do..) had an amazing pink glow....so I wasn't surprised to wake up on Monday morning to a freezing frost but brilliant blue sky....well actually it was dark when I woke up...the blue came later.

I had to go into town..so took advantage of the light on my way to shoot some of the architecture...ooh and bikes too......
I think this reflection looks just like a jockey on a racehorse.....?
...I cut through Ship Street for a quick nose in Unicorn but there were three people in that I couldn't get in...there is so much stuff.....but it's amazing
On my way home from Jericho Liscious was closed but as usual another amazing window display..
..and spotted a new cafe.......too late that was closed too but it looks interesting.....I've just checked this out and apparently Italian, everything home made including bread and it's been opened a little while....must have been going round with my head in the clouds as usual.....but also reputed (I read a couple of reviews) to have the best coffee in the UK! maybe check it out tonight........

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