Tuesday, 26 October 2010

What we've been eating

A's on half-term holiday so we've been able to have leisurely breakfasts as I don't need to go out until later. We've been having lovely brunches and getting addicted to pikelets....I made a big batch of batter this morning used half and I've saved the rest in the fridge for morning...how organised is that? I used gluten free flour...cos it came to hand in the cupboard....and it worked fine.... just as yummy as regular wheat flour.

A's been doing some cooking in-between marking maths papers. He made this prawn Madras which was lovely and spicy and I made Persian rice......and tried to get a bit cheffy with the tadihk (crunchy rice)

The rice recipe is on the rice making page left hand bottom of this one but I'll have to ask A how he made the curry......I think it was just a bit of this and a bit of that......

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  1. Whoops the rice making page is on the right-hand side not left......