Sunday 24 October 2010

We raised our coffee cups to Makiri

We did....'A' and I ate our pikelets and drank our coffee and talked about someone who sounded like the best great aunt you could have.

I'd read such an amazing pikelet related story that I just had to have a go at making them. It was written by Lucy the author of the Kitchenmaid blog about her great aunt Makiri. I can't link over but please check out her blog where you can find the recipe. They are absolutely scrumptious and they'll be on my regular repertoire from now on. You can check out Memories of Makiri at

I tried to practise making a Casper pikelet ready for Halloween...I think I need a little bit more practise.....
They are absolutely yummy with a generous shaking of Icing Sugar with the sweet-sour mulberry syrup that 'A' made a few weeks ago......mmm......


  1. Oh, thank you so much for this post, I'm really touched. Your pikelets look great, especially the ghost one! If you want to get ambitious you can add banana (sliced - mashed makes them get a bit soggy) and cinnamon. They are a very prosaic part of NZ culinary heritage, but in the right light you could call them a Kiwi blini!

  2. I'm obsessed with them now so will definitely try out the banana ones.

    They seem even better because of the attached story Lucy.....Your great aunt sounded like such a lovely colourful family has quite a few of those too....

    I did think about the blini thing too and wondered if I could make a savoury version as well....a good opportunity to experiment.......