Tuesday, 10 May 2011

"I Write This Sitting In The Kitchen Sink

This has to be absolutely one of my favourite opening lines...possibly one of my favourite books in the genre...mind-you there's Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mocking Bird and Sophies Choice that I love too. Probably this is a coming-of-age drama that I can relate to more because the main protagonist is female....

...This is also another inducement to do some ironing before I go to work when the dappled sun is trying to seduce me into the garden...

Oh and I found the bag here when looking for nice literary related gifts...I think it's quite cool...


  1. Ooh yes! I didn't discover I Capture the Castle until adulthood, seeing the movie first, then reading the book. Both are so delicious.

  2. I first discovered 'I Capture the Castle' when reading one of Dodie Smith's biographies. It's just perfect isn't it? and Mortmain reminds me so much of my dad who was also a bit of a mad artist/inventor/writer...although it was a different era, he wasn't quite that bad, and we didn't live in a castle!...

    I think this film is a really good adaptation of the book...just how I imagined it...I agree with you vmichelle, definitely delicious...

  3. Oh! I Capture The Castle is my most favourite book of all time - I can just about recite whole chunks of it by heart, as can some of my sisters. When we first moved to London I made a special pilgrimage to Penhaglions to search out the Bluebell scent. I often think of Topaz's descriptions of War and Peace (something to do with "overlapping dimensions") when I hear any literary waffle. I've got to get one of those bags!

  4. Oh it's so nice to have such kindred spirits on the book front Lucy. I'm just going to watch it whilst climbing a mountain of ironing...

  5. How wonderful ... there are so many fantastic books to delight in. I'm glad I see some common titles here.

  6. I agree Tracey. I don't think you can beat some of the classic coming-of-age novels of the twentieth century.