Saturday, 11 June 2011

My new acquisition stripped bare to the bones

We drove to Woodstock to collect a cute little 1950's/60's Ercol sofa that I found on Gumtree. It only cost £45. I've wanted one for a little while and had just started looking, when I saw the image below. All the other ones were much more expensive at least three, sometimes five times more.

I will really love this little sofa and give it a good home. I'm now in the process of upcycling it, hence it's naked state.

This is the village where it lived before...not this pretty house but a nice one belonging to a cute rosy cheeked lady with snow white hair. She said it had, had a happy life with her, but she wan't sad to see it go.

So we had a nice drive too, and the 'beekeeping debate' came up again when we saw the sign below, outside the pretty house. Unlike the chicken debate (I'm allergic to feathers,) the bee debate could actually take wings and fly.

Which is a good cue for a song, to let you know what nephews, Josh and Matt are doing now they are More Like Trees.

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I found some inspiration for my makeover here and here I think mine will probably be a bit of a mixture...a bit like me...part traditional but a little bit bohemian...

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see the restoration results in all its glory ... what a beautiful frame it has.

  2. I know it's lovely...I'm really chuffed with it (as my dad used to say.) You'll have to excuse all the blue writing...I got a bit bored when writing this post and so started experimenting...!